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Weather Policy

Inclement Weather

If inclement weather exists, CTRTD may with approval of the General Manager, reschedule or cancel service. Employees are to report to work unless otherwise informed by Dispatch or direct supervisor. CTRTD will attempt to inform passengers by using local radio stations, television stations, and through IVR callouts.

Winter Riding Tips

  • Keep current on weather conditions, which may affect C.A.R.R. services

  • If streets are icy, allow additional travel time.

  • Avoid delays by being on time and having correct fare ready.

  • Clean footwear of mud and slush before boarding so it does not gather on the steps and floor of the bus, causing danger to others.

  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before leaving your seat and before boarding.

  • At all times, watch your step, wear your seatbelt, and wear appropriate winter clothing.

Severe Weather Passenger Guide

  • Severe rainstorms, thunderstorms, and icy roads can affect C.A.R.R.’s service. The following may occur any time hazardous road conditions exist:

  • Travel time may increase

  • Bus service on less traveled streets, especially those not sanded, may be cancelled.

  • In case of severe weather, the General Manager may approve all passengers to be taken home immediately.

  • If passengers are not able to get to vehicle prior to severe weather arriving, passengers will be asked to remain in facility until severe weather has passed.

  • If vehicle is caught in severe weather then the driver will make every attempt to get to the nearest safe area and have passengers exit the vehicle until severe weather has passed.

  • Passengers and/or care providers are responsible for ensuring that passengers are properly dressed for their ride. Bus operators will not assist passengers with their clothing. This includes proper coats, hats, gloves, and footwear.



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