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Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC)

The Job Access Reverse Commute program, (JARC) is funded by the Texas Department of Transportation. JARC was established to address the unique transportation challenges faced by low-income Individuals seeking to secure and maintain employment.

As with many entry-level jobs located in the city, low-income individuals find it difficult to access these jobs from inner city, and rural communities on a daily basis. As a result it often leaves the low-income worker feeling empty handed when factoring escalating gas prices, cost of vehicle maintenance, and additional stops to drop off children at day care.

With these challenges in mind Central Texas Rural Transit District, along with project partners, will utilize JARC funds to provide an affordable and reliable transportation service to and from work and/or training. Because we believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to succeed CTRTD named this new service project - RIDE TO SUCCESS!

JARC Goals -

  • Provide affordable transportation

  • Provide reliable transportation

  • Assist Employers with Employee shortages

  • Support local Economic Development

  • Provide an opportunity for individuals to access training and employment

  • Give all clients an opportunity for success

Don't let success pass you by. Call today!

JARC is currently available in Brown County.

For more information contact:

Sabrina Estades

JARC Coordinator

Phone: 1-800-710-2277

Email: sabrina@cityandruralrides.com

To submit an application, mail to:

Sabrina Estades

P.O. Box 712

Coleman, TX  76834


Employers -

If you would like CARR to present information regarding the Ride To Success program, or have information available for your employees, give us a call!

Click here to download the JARC Brochure.

Transportation to and from:


Schools of higher education

Allowances for child transport for day care

JARC Contributing Partners

Central Texas Opportunities, Inc.

Demand Staff Inc.

Family Services Center

Good Samaritan Ministries

West Central Texas Council of Governments

Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I utilize this service?   By calling the number on this brochure and completing an application over the phone.

What does it cost?   JARC ticket books can be purchased from your local driver for $10, each book contains 20 $1 tickets.

Do I have to purchase JARC tickets?   YES, if you do not purchase JARC tickets, you will be charged General Public fares.

Can I use JARC fare tickets for all my rides?   NO, they may only be utilized to and from work, schools of higher education, and taking/picking up children at daycare on your way.

What are the hours of service?   Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00pm (Brown County ONLY)

What if I have children to take to Daycare?   No problem, during the application process you will be asked if there are any children riding and we will gather the necessary information to take them to their daycare facility before you go to work.

What if my work schedule changes or I have a day off?   If your work schedule changes, call in as soon as possible to make necessary changes in our system. We ask that you call at least 2 hours in advance for any cancellation.

Call today for more information!

*Please refer to the Passenger Handbook for explanation of all policies and procedures.



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